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A gateway is a central hub that securely and reliably interconnects and transfers data across the many different networks found in vehicles. It provides physical isolation and protocol translation to route signals between functional domains (powertrain, chassis and safety, body control, infotainment, telematics, ADAS) that share data.

Vehicles are increasingly dependent on electronic control units (ECU) to manage the advanced features that enhance the driving experience. The gateway controller plays a fundamental role as a communication bridge between the various ECU networks used by these different applications, managing the exchange of data with external interfaces including CAN (low, high speed), LIN, ISO-9141, FlexRay, and Ethernet  protocols.

To meet the challenge of ensuring the bandwidth, reliability, and ability to integrate the ever increasing number of features and data, ST offers automotive-grade SPC5 microcontrollers, transceivers as well as power management ICs and secure element solutions.



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