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The Wireless M-Bus – or Wireless Meter Bus – is an open standard developed for very power efficient smart metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applications and it is quickly spreading in Europe for electricity, gas, water and heat metering. A Wireless M-Bus network (wM-Bus) is based on a star topology network with master and slave devices described in the EN 13757 standard which comprises a number of different operating modes: S, T, R and C (868 MHz), F (433 MHz) and N (169 MHz). ST offers a range of sub-1GHz transceivers, baluns and STM32 microcontrollers together with a large set of software libraries, including a free wM-Bus firmware stack for evaluation and sample implementation of a wM-Bus gateway in addition to hardware tools that enable quick development and deployment of wM-Bus networks. Read more
wm bus block diagram