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Our portfolio of general-purpose SPC5 automotive microcontrollers addresses a wide range of applications requiring low-power, connectivity and security.

These Power Architecture® MCUs are integrated in body applications such as gateways, body control modules, and convenience as well as in car electrification applications such as E-fuse, battery management units, onboard chargers, and electric pumps.

SPC5 general-purpose MCUs are ASIL-B and ASIL-D compliant. Moreover, they integrate sophisticated power management features including Halt, Stop and Standby modes to reduce system power consumption.

General-purpose SPC5 automotive MCUs include standard SPC56 (Bolero series) microcontrollers and SPC58 (Chorus series) microcontrollers with additional connectivity and security features.

SPC58 Chorus is developed to deliver 3 concepts: Connected, Secure, and Scalable:


A wide range of communication interfaces makes ST's SPC5 automotive MCUs an ideal solution to enable gateway functionalities within any application.


Several levels of security are available depending on application requirements: from software to EVITA-compliant automotive hardware security levels (light, medium, and full).

Certain devices include a Cryptographic Services Engine (CSE) featuring AES-128 encryption/decryption, CMAC authentication and secured device boot mode.


The SPC5 family's unique scalability makes it an ideal solution for long-term platform development strategies. In particular, the SPC58 Chorus series lets you select multiple microcontrollers for the same board thanks to their pin-to-pin compatibility across the same package.

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