Firmware example package for the EVALSTDRIVE101

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The STSW-DRIVE101 is the example firmware for the EVALSTDRIVE101 evaluation board. The example requires to use the board NUCLEO-F303RE as a control board. The X-NUCLEO-IHM09M1 adapter enables the connection between the NUCLEO-F303RE and the EVALSTDRIVE101, through a 34 pole flat cable. The STSW-DRIVE101 firmware package allows the user to evaluate the STDRIVE101 performance in applications driving a 3-phase permanent-magnet motor in field oriented control (FOC) in a three-shunt current sensing topology. The firmware package provides two different examples:
The STSW-DRIVE101 firmware package is based on the MCSDK 5.4.4, a PC software which reduces the design time and effort in FOC firmware library configuration. Through a graphical user interface (GUI), the user can generate all parameter header files to configure the library in accordance with application requirements, as well as monitor and change some variables of the algorithm in real-time.
  • All features

    • Based on the STM32 Motor Control Software Development Kit (X-CUBE-MCSDK 5.4.4)
    • Two examples implementing FOC algorithm with sensorless or Hall sensors operation
    • Example based on the EVALSTDRIVE101 evaluation board
    • Full customization and real-time communication through the MCSDK software

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