Firmware for Active Front End (AFE) bidirectional converter for industrial and electric vehicle DC fast charging applications

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The firmware provides comprehensive three-phase, three-level and two-level AC/DC and DC/AC power conversion control on the STM32G474 mixed-signal MCU optimized for Digital Power. The firmware includes a sophisticated voltage oriented control (VOC) algorithm to control either the Power Factor in AC/DC conversion or the AC output power (active and reactive) in DC/AC conversion.
  • All features

    • Voltage Oriented Control (VOC) algorithm
    • Based on STM32G474 platform:
      • Digital solution with advanced analog peripherals (comparators, op-amps, ADCs and DACs)
      • High-resolution timer (HRTIM)
      • Hardware Math Accelerator (Cordic)
    • AC to DC (rectifier) mode:
      • Power Factor Control (PFC)
      • DC Bus Regulation
      • Soft Start-up and burst mode operation at light load
    • DC to AC (inverter) mode:
      • Active and reactive power control
      • Standalone inverter (UPS)
      • Integrated grid connection solution
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage protections
    • On-line configurable multilevel topology (2-level and 3-level topologies)

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