STPOWER N-channel MOSFETs > 700 V

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ST's MDmesh high voltage and very high voltage MOSFETs with a breakdown voltage greater than 700 V offer a very low gate charge (Qg) and low on-resistance (RDS(on)) down to 250 mΩ (at 900 V) in the TO-220 and 900 mΩ (at 1500 V) in the TO-247. These high voltage super-junction power MOSFETs belong to the STPOWER family.

Specific voltages available include 800 V, 850 V, 900 V, 950 V, 1000 V, 1050 V, 1200 V and 1700 V.

ST has also enriched its very high voltage STPOWER MOSFET portfolio with the introduction of 950 V and 1050 V fast-recovery diode devices (MDmesh DK5). They feature the industry's best reverse recovery time (trr) of 250 ns (typ.) and are ideal for ZVS LLC resonant converters.

These N-channel high voltage MOSFETs allow to simplify designs and increase efficiency in applications such as SMPS, monitors and TV adapters, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, medical, UPS, metering, micro-inverters, LED drivers and HF ballasts.

Our wide STPOWER product portfolio, combined with state-of-the art packaging and protections for high reliability and safety, helps designers find the right solutions for customized, high-efficiency applications that will last a long lifetime.