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車載高速ネットワーク カメラやセンサを搭載し、制御システムやエンタテインメントを備えたスマートな自動車は、最新のドライビング体験を提供するとともに、私たちの生活をより豊かにします。 より先進的かつ洗練された高度運転支援システム(ADAS)や、より高度な自動運転の進歩に伴い、車載ネットワークでは、さらなるデータ処理能力が求められています。従来の通信プロトコルでは、ADASで必要となる多数のセンサやサブシステムに必要な帯域幅を満たすことが困難になっています。 Read more

HDBaseT for in-vehicle connectivity

The HDBaseT Automotive technology is the solution to the in-vehicle connectivity challenges. It is a derivative of HDBaseT, a mature, proven and standardized technology for the transmission of high-definition audio and video, controls, Ethernet, USB and even power in the consumer electronics and professional audiovisual markets. This combination of high bandwidth, high performance, feature-rich capabilities, and an existing infrastructure makes an HDBaseT solution ideal for in-vehicle networking.


STMicroelectronics and Valens

STMicroelectronics and Valens have worked closely to enable HDBaseT Automotive technology to be built into the next-generation of connected cars. The highly efficient technology optimizes in-vehicle connectivity by enabling the transmission of reliable 6 Gbps high-throughput infotainment, road safety, and automotive-control content over a low-cost infrastructure with near-zero latency. Valens, as the inventor of HDBaseT and founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, brings the technology and expertise to accomplish the goal of commercializing HDBaseT-enabled vehicles; STMicroelectronics contributes with its extensive design and manufacturing experience and in-depth knowledge of compliance with the strict automotive quality and reliability requirements. Further information about Valens can be found at: