ホーム / ビル / シティ・オートメーション

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現在、世界人口の半分以上が町や都市に住んでおり、2030年までには約50億人が都市で生活するようになります。インフラストラクチャ、都市、ビルや住宅に対する人口増加の負荷を軽減するには、スマート化が不可欠です。 続きを読む

ホーム / ビル / シティ・オートメーション

More connected cities

Urban environments as well as municipal, commercial and residential buildings will become increasingly connected – together and to the cloud – to use every possible means to optimize resources and improve the quality of life for their inhabitants. 

Services such as street lighting and individual or collective heating and ventilation can provide great opportunities for energy savings while using smart technologies to manage services like public parking, waste collection and surveillance can help make our cities and the buildings and homes within it better places for living.

Our products and solutions

To help engineers conceive and design innovative products that can help make our cities and homes smarter, ST has the widest product offer including STM32 microcontrollers, MEMS motion and environmental sensors as well as a full range of high-efficient power and energy management ICs and wireless connectivity solutions.