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排気ガス(CO2や粒子状物質)を削減しつつ、エンジン性能やドライビング性能を向上させるためには、半導体を用いたより高度なソリューションが不可欠です。高度な処理能力、セキュリティおよびセーフティ機能、革新的な電源技術の組合せにより、内燃エンジン(ICE)パワートレイン・アプリケーションは大きく進化しています。 Read more


Our products and solutions

ST provides silicon solutions for a broad range of Engine Management Systems (EMS), from motorbikes to multi-cylinder gasoline direct injection and common-rail diesel engines, as well as for transmission control and actuation. Our broad in-house technology portfolio enables a complete range of solutions, from cost-effective highly integrated systems to solutions meeting the most advanced high-performance application requirements. 

Our product portfolio addresses your entire system solution, providing 32-bit automotive microcontrollers, standard low-side, high-side and bridge smart power devices for driving solenoids, DC motors and stepper motors. Dedicated ICs for actuator driving, charging and power management, together with one of the industry’s broadest ranges of Power MOSFETs and IGBTs complete the ICE powertrain offer.