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STは、完全絶縁型、共振型で48 VからPoL(Point-of-Load)やIntelのVR13/VR12.5仕様に完全準拠したCPU/DDR電源電圧へのシングルステージ直接変換、およびダイナミック・セル・シェッディングとパルス・スキップ機能により最大6つのインタリーブされた電池を管理できる完全な拡張性を備えた製品など、ユニークな製品ラインアップを提供しています。

New high-efficiency DC-DC converter with digital output voltage selection and power good pin pushes performance beyond the limits

A miniaturized step-down regulator that draws a quiescent current of only 500 nA, the ST1PS01 is specifically tailored for battery-powered and energy-harvesting applications as it ensures a highly efficient power conversion regardless of the input voltage source and output current being delivered:

  • an input voltage ranging from 1.8 to 5.5 V
  • a minimal set of external components thanks to the integrated power switch, synchronous rectifier, and the embedded compensation network
  • a high efficiency at any load level, 95% at 1 mA output load current

An evaluation board, (STEVAL-1PS01EJR) helps developers quickly understand how to take advantage of the ST1PS01’s high energy efficiency and feature integration.

60 V 300 mA step-down converter with 10uA quiescent current

ST’s new L7983 is a compact synchronous buck converter able to satisfy noise-sensitive applications and maximize efficiency at light load thanks to its Low-noise and Low-consumption modes.

With a wide input-voltage range, the L7983 can operate from 12 and 24 V industrial buses with wide safety margins. It is also suitable for battery-powered applications, industrial fail-safe systems, decentralized intelligent nodes, appliances, robotics and precision-sensing applications that leverage the easy-to-use Low-noise mode.

Power supply and converter solution evaluation boards based on the L7983 are also available



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