Embedded Security for Industrial

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Improvements to our quality of life

As industrial spaces grow and communication expanding, it is increasingly important for the development of new devices to implement a multi-layered security strategy, addressing different industrial threat models and certification schemes. ​

ST’s technology innovation

The STMicroelectronics embedded security framework offers scalable and certified security solutions, ensuring the right security level according to the value of the assets needing protection. It helps to align the embedded design and features with the newest industrial security needs. ​

Complete solution

ST provides a wide range of products that seamlessly integrate security features for your industrial platform, such as secure connectivity to cloud services, secure communication channels, secure authentication, and integrity of IoT devices. It offers a complete framework of hardware and software MCU/MPU solutions to ensure the right security level of your device platform.​​​​

Platform Security
Platform Security
STM32Trust offers a robust multi-level strategy to enhance security in new product designs based on our STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors augmented...
Secure Authentication
Secure Authentication
STSAFE is a secure element product range providing authentication, confidentiality and platform integrity services to protect OEMs against cloning, counterfeiting...