A highly reliable trunk control solution based on FlightSense technology



Today's car manufacturers are required to come up with innovative new features to distinguish themselves in a very competitive market. One way to do this is to implement a hands-free solution to open or close a car's trunk to improve people's experiences with their vehicles.

With many car owners frustrated by the unpredictable behavior of their lift gates in many recent car models offering a similar application, our smart solution describes a simplified way for people to open or close their trunk using a predefined foot movement. It also includes a safety feature based on current sensing that prevents damage if there are obstacles when opening or closing the trunk.

ST's hands-free power liftgate solution only uses three components for a reduced bill of materials and a simpler design phase. A VL53L1X Time-of-Flight distance ranging sensor located below the bumper is used to detect the foot movement under the trunk. Once the foot movement is detected, a general-purpose SPC58 C Line automotive microcontroller (SPC58EC80E5) will confirm the correct pattern and send a command to open or close the trunk to the two automotive-grade fully integrated H-bridge motor drivers (VNH7040AY) that synchronously drive the liftgate's two linear actuator motors. Of course, to ensure security, the hands-free solution only works if the vehicle is already unlocked and parked.


  • 主要产品优势

    VL53L1X Time-of-Flight ranging sensor

    The fastest miniature ToF sensor on the market with accurate ranging up to 4 m and fast ranging frequency up to 50 Hz, it features: 

    • ST’s latest FlightSense™ technology
    •  Programmable ROI position on the receiving array, providing multizone operation control from the host 
    • Easy integration


    VNH7040AY fully integrated H-bridge motor driver

    A dual monolithic high-side driver with two low-side switches designed using ST's proprietary VIPower® M0-7 Technology, it features: 

    • AEC-Q100 qualified 
    • Multisense diagnostics and monitoring functions (obstacle detection) 
    • Dedicated input signals to select motor direction and brake condition 
    • PWM operation up to 20 kHz to control the motor's speed in all possible conditions
    SPC58 C Line automotive microcontroller

    A cost-efficient, multi-core microcontroller designed for secure onboard communication systems in connected vehicles, it features: Versatile low-power modes Rich set of peripherals Enhanced modular I/O subsystem ASIL-B safety standard support Comprehensive AutoDevKit development ecosystem

  • All Features

    • Technical
      • Supply voltage: 12V
      • Sensor supply voltage: 3.3V
      • Digital logic supply voltage: 5V
      • Synchronous driving of Trunk motors
      • FOTA capability for application software
    • Perfromance
      • Maximum current for each motor : 35A
      • Foot movement pattern response time : 1s
    • Compatibility
      • All Key products are Automotive Grade
      • Application code is MISRA C 2012 compliant